Tooth Powder 40 gram


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It helps to Strengthen Teeth and Gums, Prevent Tartar Formation, Reduce Deposition of Plaque and Enhance the Overall Immune Response of oral Health.


Avvai herbal tooth powder is infused with potent Ayurvedic herbs that possess healing and curative powers. It effectively contributes to a healthy smile and fresh breath, besides doing wonders for your gums and teeth.Avvai herbal tooth powder is a Tooth cleaning and Gum Strengthening powder that helps prevent tartar formation.

Key Ingredients: Mesquite Bark ,Banyan Tree Bark,neem bark,Dalchini Bark,Cloves,pepper,Piper longum, dried ginger,Ajwain,cardamon,amla,Beleric,gall nut,Rock salt

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1. For treating tooth pain ,weak gum,bad breath and tooth decay
2. It has antioxdant and anti -carcinogenic properties of herbals.
3. Cleansing and Healing of wounds,tooth caries and inflammation of gums.
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